Detailed planning calendar:

This calendar contains the newest information about beam time blocks, as well as information about accesses etc. on a best-effort basis. You can also import it into your favorite calendaring tool using the iCal address

For access to modifying the calendar, please contact Kyrre Sjobak

Overall planning

  • The generic planning for 2017 is available on EDMS here.

    • ​We foresee to stop beam operation on Wednesday December 20th at 19:00.
  • For 2018 a general plan is being prepared.
    • We foresee to restart with beam operation on Monday February 12th at 8:30.
  • During LS2 (2019-2010) the plan is to continue operation!
  • For more information, or general request, please contact us!


Note that in the CLEAR proposal document the tentative schedule for 2017 was the following:


But due to delays and issues we only managed to start with beam to user in August.

The initially foreseen hardware intervetion pallaning is also available on EDMS (link). 

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