List of publications (and presentations) relevant to CLEAR and the experiments performed 

General info about CLEAR

  • 24/01/2018: Status of the CLEAR Facility @ CLIC Workshop 2018 (indico page).
  • NIMA - Dec 2017: The CLEAR user facility at CERN (doi)
  • 30/11/2017: The CERN Linear Electron Accelerator for Research – CLEAR (indico page)
  • 28/11/2016: Proposal of the CLEAR facility to the CERN management (document link)

Experiments planned/performed at CLEAR

  • IPAC18: First Experiments at the CLEAR User Facility (paper THPMF014).
  • IPAC18: Relative Range Independence of Very-High Energy Electron Beams in Inhomogeneous Media and Comparison with other Radiotherapy Modalities (paper MOPML023)
  • 26/04/2018: THZ@CLEAR Meeting #1 (indico page)
  • 12/03/2018: JUAS student presentation on practical work at CLEAR (indico page)
  • 24/01/2018: CLEAR session @ CLIC Workshop 2018 (indico page)
  • NIMA - Jan 2018: Overview of the CLEAR plasma lens experiment (doi)
  • 07/11/2017: THz @CLEAR Workshop 2017 (indico page)
  • 26/09/2017: Plasma lens experiments at the CLEAR Test Facility, CERN (presentation)
  • IEEE - June 2017: High-Energy Electron-Induced SEUs and Jovian Environment Impact (doi)
  • 08/03/2017: CLEAR session @ CLIC Workshop 2017 (indico page)
  • 10-12/10/2016: CALIFES Workshop 2016 (indico page)


  • Accelerating News - July2018:  First experimental results from the CLEAR facility at CERN (link)
  • CERN Courier - October2017: CLEAR prospects for accelerator research (link)

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